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Blood Parasites Screen

Mnemonic:    [BLD PARA]
Name:    Blood Parasites Screen
Specimen:    1 FULL EDTA Lavender top tube. Contact hematology for special procedure before drawing.

Samples must be delivered to the lab immediately after collection. The lab must process the samples within one hour of collection. Specimens received more than three hours after collection are rejected.
Reference Range:    None seen
Critical Range:    Positive
Note:    This test is available on a STAT basis. One negative smear does not exclude malaria. Smears should be ordered for a minimum of three days at 6-8 hour intervals to rule out malaria in patients where it is suspected.

Parasites which may be identified on a blood parasite smear include:
Babesia, Leishmania, Microfilaria, Plasmodium (malaria), Toxoplasma, Trypanosomes